Our Mission

Queenscliff Primary School has small class sizes which enables genuine personalised learning.


We develop learning goals with students and scaffold programs that allow every student opportunities to achieve their full potential. Literacy and numeracy intervention and extension groups operate each day.


We have dynamic, diverse and dedicated generalist, specialist and teaching support staff who are committed to meeting the needs of every child at our school.


We nurture a learning community of students, teachers, parents and wider community members.


We prepare students to leave Queenscliff Primary School being able to:


  • Be academically, socially and emotionally capable learners who demonstrate behaviours that

       promote ‘Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, Curiosity and Compassion’

  • Take care for, protect and be ambassadors for the environment
  • Be active citizens who are connected to our community
  • Want to make a difference
  • Have the capacity and passion to be life-long learners