Our Staff

Richard Buckingham: Principal


Melissa Fitzgerald: Acting Assistant Principal/ Year 2-4 B teacher (grade share with Anna Baird)

Anna Baird: Kitchen/garden/ Year 2-4 Science and Year 2-4 B teacher (grade share with Melissa)

Meagan Fullard: P/1C Classroom Teacher and Prep-1 Science

Christopher Hale
: Year 2-4A Classroom Teacher and P-1 Performing Arts

Laura Brodie
: P/1B Classroom Teacher and P-1 Physical Education

Cameron Brown: Year P/1 A Classroom Teacher and Years 2-6 Physical Education, P/1 PLC Leader


Hannah Petrie: Year 5/6 and Years 2-6 Performing Arts, 3-6 PLC Leader and SWPBS PLC Leader

Celeste Scott: Japanese P-1

Eva Mutton: Japanese 2-4

Kelly Caldwell: P-1 Visual Art and P-6 Indigenous Studies

Kate Parton
Year 2-4 Visual Art

Sheridan LangMARC teacher (Mobile, Area, Resource Centre)


Lucia Green: Education Support

Ebony Tannouri: Education Support

Anna Shiels: Education Support


Eli Brown: Education Support


Sylvia Tomkin: Business Manager


Helene CameronAdministration Manager

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