Our School has a formal process for reporting on student achievement and progress to families using Compass. Families will receive a report on their child twice a year, reporting on the progress and achievement in each semester.

  1. Semester 1: Report published in final week of Term 2

  2. Semester 2: Report published in final week of Term 4

Families must be registered on Compass in order to view student reports.

View reports on Compass Desktop
View reports on Compass App

Our student reports identify a student’s achievement and progress according to the Victorian Curriculum across a range of curriculum areas, including English, Mathematics, Technology, Humanities, Health and Physical Education, Visual/Performing Arts, Japanese and Science. Each teacher provides individualised feedback to each student on their achievements/progress throughout the semester and suggestions for next steps or goals to work towards for improvement. Our reports are comprehensive, detailed and based on assessment data and Victorian Curriculum standards.


Families will have an opportunity to have an interview with their child’s teacher at the beginning of Term 3, following the Semester 1 Report being published. This provides parents an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and achievement with your child’s classroom teacher and specialist teachers.

At the beginning of the year in Term 1, families are invited to a ‘Meet and Greet’ Interview with their child’s teacher to share important information about their strengths, interests, passions, challenges and goals for the year ahead.