Excellence Certificate

Students are awarded Excellence Stamps by their teachers for demonstrating our School’s values and pillars in their learning, behaviour and attitude in the classroom, playground and community. 10 Excellence Stamps will result in the student being presented with an Excellence Award at a school assembly. Excellence Certificates are presented to students by the Principal.

Excellence Stamps are awarded to students in their diaries along with a handwritten note detailing the reason for the stamp.

Koonawarra Cup

Students can be awarded House Points by their teachers in the classroom and playground. Our House Points rewards system aims to promote a positive, collaborative and supportive learning environment for all learners to thrive. House Points are displayed in each classroom and calculated weekly by our Student House Leaders. The winning House, who has achieved the most number of House Points over a three week period is announce at assemblies.

Over the course of the year, House Points will be calculated to determine the overall winning House for the Koonawarra Cup. The Koonawarra Cup will be presented to our School House Leaders at the final assembly of the school year and the House name will be engraved onto the Cup.